Spread the love is a shooter in style against zombies and against other players simultaneously. There is a map populated by all sorts of opponents, and it is necessary to pumping heavily to become the most powerful bounty hunter!

How to play :

The goal in is to become the coolest headhunter. To do this, you need to destroy the zombies and other players. You grow in experience, pump vital characteristics and weapons. The game is balanced enough, and even the strongest player should always be on the alert because death here can come super suddenly. The first line is the weapon. It swings fairly quickly to its maximum. And depending on what kind of upgrade you choose first, you will be given different lines of weapons in the future. Then you are pumped through four main characteristics: Speed, Health, Health Recovery Rate and Accuracy. All are necessary and all are useful. Unlike weapons, the characteristics continue to swing from level to level. The atmosphere, lampiness and situational glow in Nightpoint io coolly bring it into the game simply world-class. So we are playing and waiting for new weapons, maps and mods!


WASD to move

Click for shooting

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