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The game “” is an exciting multiplayer strategy that will make it possible to become a real ninja. You can play in different modes. This is a match of death or capture of the flag. Each of them is interesting and has its own peculiarities. At your disposal is a huge arsenal of various weapons and a variety of special effects.

The game “” is a great opportunity to feel like a medieval fearless warrior. In the first case, it will be necessary to fight against all players. Here, everyone who appears in the arena is your enemy. And in the second, two teams fight each other. The main goal is to take the flag and move it to its base. It should also be taken into account that some bullets can ricochet, and this can be profitable to use at the time of the battle. Control: WASD – moving, E – throw shuriken or shoot, F – raise weapons, X – fall to the ground, T – chat.

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