Spread the love is a game of football. It will be necessary to throw in all possible ways the ball into the opponents’ goal. Nice looking design, fast servers and short rounds is what you need to rest for a few minutes. As with any io games, will take some time to get used to the features of running a football player, but then Nitroleshales will reveal itself to you in all its charm.

How to play:
The task in is to throw as many goals as possible at the gate of the opposing team. To do this, you must use the nitro acceleration wisely. And in order to replenish the stock nitro acceleration, you need to collect luminous points appearing in special cells on the field. So far, has a lot of bots. Teamwork with them in the team does not work, and we have to rely on our strength. Due to nitro and a fairly small card, you can make the game and alone. For the convenience of playing in there is an opportunity to switch the camera from the player to the general field. Due to the field survey it is entirely convenient to understand what is happening on the field, and for local actions and accuracy of the strike you can quickly switch to your player. The player follows the mouse.

Click for nitro acceleration.
Space bar to stop Switch the camera to the whole field.
C- To lock the camera
On your player – X

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