Spread the love is a new io game from the creators of! Collect the nuts, grow the bumper and destroy the rivals on the way to the top of the top!

How to play:

The task in is extremely simple, you need to reach the top of the top and stay there as long as possible. Points of the rating you get for the nuts, it’s an analog of the color points in the other i games. Nuts can be scattered on the map just like that, and also drop out of defeated rivals.
To destroy an opponent you need to crash into his unprotected bumper side. If you hit the bumper in the bumper, you’ll just bounce off each other like popgrygunchiki. In Nitrodrifift I do not have to butt with the enemy, you will not have time to blink an eye, as someone will crash into you from behind. As your rating grows, your bumper grows in size, which means it will be easier to hook the opponent!

Control in the Nitrodrift Io

Mouse control
Spin acceleration

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