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The game “Obsid.io” is an amazing multiplayer with mysterious creatures. While three heroes are available, each of them possesses magical abilities and special properties. You can play simultaneously with five participants. All players compete and fight among themselves, using the keyboard. When choosing a character, you need to know the features and benefits of each.

Simca is very fast and agile, the Q key shoots from the bow, W hits the opponent, E teleports a short distance, R releases the network and does something for himself. Chain: Q – hit the ball from the plasma, W – throw a plasma grenade, E – pass through the obstacle, R – pull up with a laser. ZeerKhaan has tremendous power, but is slow, throws a ball out of lava, can melt a small area around itself.

Jump helps the air flows that are formed between the walls. Be careful of sharp peaks. The game “Obsid.io” is somewhat reminiscent of the good old Mario, but with real and very aggressive fighters. Move, jump over platforms, overcome obstacles and destroy your competitors. Good luck.

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