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Oceanar.io is a brand new online game from the io series. This time, players will control the flocks of fish that swim in the water expenses of a large ocean. Have you ever visited the Oceanarium? There are many unique and beautiful fish species, among which there are dangerous predators. One of these fish are piranhas, bloodthirsty fish with a large number of teeth. They often fight each other and eat other small fish. So, in the game Oceanar.io you start the life of a lone fish piranhas – it’s your queen, who can start to pack her flock. Swim in the ocean with crabs, jellyfish, lots of food and of course the fish of other players. To grow, you must eat different garbage and gradually receive small fish that will be added to your pack. Other players do the same and you can try to attack their groups of fish to gobble them to grow even more. You can also run away from players who have large fish or large flocks. Protect your fish with the queen, so that she will not be eaten, in which case you will lose the whole flock. It is worth paying attention to jellyfish, which can greatly sting your fish and even kill. You can also eat them to get great food. Crabs are neutral creatures that can join any of the schools of fish. Start playing and try to collect the largest flock of fish, unite them and grow the biggest fish that everyone will be afraid of. Earn more points and take first place in the leaderboard.

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