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The long-awaited game “Ovar.io” is already on its way. From the world of molecules, we move the world of living beings. Today you are involved in the birth of new organisms and life. At the lessons of biology, you probably already went through these basics, so the game will be simple and understandable. Your hero is a brave sperm, which must at any cost impregnate an egg. You can choose your own type.
Among these cute colorful and very bright tadpoles, there are soldiers, tankmen, and other fighters. To win in this battle, many of them sacrifice themselves. If your military friend claims to have his reproductive rights, then he will fight and win despite everything.
The game “Ovar.io” is an original shooter with elements of reality. Despite the fact that all the characters look pretty funny, the massacre will be the most brutal. The main thing in this arena is to get to the center of the egg and make it your own. Now your opponents will not be able to get to him, and master. Fight with enemies, be merciless, bite the tails of your enemies and destroy them.
The earned points will allow you to climb to the top of the rating table, and show everyone who is worthy to continue their lineage. Pleasant rest and fun. Provoke an unprecedented demographic explosion! Here everything depends on you. Good luck!

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