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Owom io is the original game to collect points and battle with other players. It looks like the first glimpse of Agario, but only at first glance! The game is unique.

How to play:

The combat task in Owom.io is to collect color points for getting points. The main emphasis in the game goes to the battle between the players. Your cell can do three things: accelerate, set/detonate a bomb and build an energy shield around itself. The number of your acceleration booster and shield is in the lower left corner. The acceleration is activated in Owom.io and the click and the booster lights until you release the click. But if you activate the shield, it will be on you until the energy runs out. Disable it before this time, alas, it is impossible. The shield will save you from the enemy (and your) bomb. But it’s interesting enough with them. The bomb in Owom.io is put by the S button in the direction you are holding the cursor, but a short distance from the cage. It is activated by pressing the button D. The bug is very hard; if you get close to the epicenter, you can die. Saves only the shield and quick reaction. And you can also explode on your bomb! So good luck to you in this difficult battle for the championship.


The cell moves behind the cursor
Click to accelerate
S to put the bomb
D to blow up
Spacebar to activate the shield

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