Spread the love is a very pleasant variation on the topic of collecting mass and growing. The type of interaction of players is similar to This means that when you move from level to level, your volume decreases. And you can eat even one who is less level! But the pumping is worth it, because the level of your growth increases from level to level.

How to play :

The main task in is to grow the largest cage. To do this, you need to eat colored points of mass and other players. But if everything is clear with the mass, then the other players are a danger. When the body of your cell reaches the dotted circle, a transition to a new level will soon happen. The body will decrease, but the circle will expand. Also, your cell adds from level to level in speed. In Top, players who gained a higher level are reflected. The game is very unpredictable, and to remain a leader in it is not an easy task. is a tactical game that requires careful control, because the enemy can overtake you very fast.


The cell follows the mouse

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