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The game “Paper.battle” is a paper battle. The battle takes place in real time with players from different countries and continents. The struggle for territory is becoming more fierce and swift. You can seize both neutral lands, and the possessions of your competitors. You can play as a guest and a registered user. In the latter case, all achievements and victories are saved on the map.
The game “Paper.battle” is another i and multiplayer, which is very similar to its predecessor, but in its own way is interesting and attractive. The rules are extremely simple. Manage will be a small cube, which, as you move, leaves behind them the areas painted in its color. There are some restrictions that need to be respected. So, do not bump into the boundaries of the playing field and do not cross the tail, which is left behind. Similarly, you should be afraid of rivals who can cause irreparable damage. Use the arrow keys on the keyboard and / or the WASD keys to move.

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