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Pockey.io is an improved billiard-type “American”. Everything is great here: both graphic implementation, and musical accompaniment, and systemic mechanics.

How to play :

The task in Pockey.io is to throw 7 balls of the opponent into the pockets. If you accidentally throw a ball of your color in the process, then this simplifies the way for the opponent to win over you. A special element of Pockey io, which we were pleased with the developers, is an air hockey puck and the corresponding gate. If you throw the puck into the opponent’s goal, then you “score” him 2 balls in the equivalent. It turns out that the real balls you will throw only 5. Look carefully at the timer and figure out where to strike, during the opponent’s move. This will save you nerves and increase the chances of winning. And if during your impact you did not touch a single ball of an opponent with a white ball, then he has the right to put a white cue ball anywhere in the playing table.

Control: Twist the cue around the white ball for aiming Pull the cue, and then release it to hit

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