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Polys.io is a 2d game in the classic io style. It is necessary to collect usefulness, fight with other players and become the strongest players in the game!

How to play :

The central task in Polys.io is to score as many points as possible to top the Top list of players. After achieving this goal, you can focus on keeping the position of the leader. The battle between players is a really fun and excitement! The collection of points in Polis is quite simple. Look for accumulations of blue dots and get for their collection level by level. Your current level is visible in the upper left corner. Together with each level, your weapon is improved: it has more and more angles and it increases in size. In this, there is a minus because the more your weapon, the heavier it is and the more difficult it is for you to move around. In addition to weapons, Polys also has an acceleration. It works for prize points, but it helps a lot during the danger. The main danger for a high-level player is the appearance next to a newcomer. A few seconds the invader is invulnerable, and it can attack very quickly. If he does not escape from him, he will simply kill you. When the effect of invulnerability passes, you can easily destroy it.


The character moves behind the cursor

Click to attack

Spacebar for acceleration

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