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Pumpuphero.io is a new game created by the studio “12Wave”. This is the same studio that has already released very cool io games, such as GoEatBomb.Io and SpaceSymbols.Io. We will play for the superhero, and his task will be to wet the same superheroes who climb from everywhere, like cockroaches! The number of superheroes in Pampapo is such that it will give odds to any Avengers 🙂

How to play: The main goal in PumpUp Hero is, of course, to score as many points as possible. To achieve this, you can collect various objects (missiles, balls, airplanes) and destroy rivals. The main weapon of the Superhero and it’s a super-fast. To hit the opponent you need to hook him, the main thing is that you do not face each other. In this case, you will explode, like charged particles, from each other. Sometimes this can be dangerous because it’s easy to get under the fist of someone you do not even see at the moment of impact.
The second weapon of the superhero in Superhero is his supersposobnosti. At first glance, they may seem insignificant, however, once you are comfortable with them, you will appreciate their killing power.

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