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Punthooligan.io is a competition to kick the ball as strong as possible. But be careful: the character kick the ball so much that if it misses, then it will tear its leg!

How to play: The main task of the Hooligan io is to put a record, muffling the ball as far as possible. It will be necessary to admire the fact that in order to kick the ball, you really need to get on it. If you fail, your leg will fly away instead of the ball into distant distances. Take a look at what angle the ball flies on. And more: your character will kick the ball. The strength of the impact depends on the height of the ball falling to your leg as well! In the course of the case in Hooligan io you get coins that you can spend in the store for the purchase of caps and other types of balls. And if the hats do not give any bonuses, except for the fan, then different balls are added by the bonus to the strength of the strike, who replenishes the coins, who is still something in the middle. The farther your ball flies, the more profitable it is for you. Please note that after every thousandth mark in Punt hooligan io, the length of the coin increases. After 7-8 thousand so and at all there are huge sums. So earning a prize ball for 2k can be literally in fifteen minutes of a good game.

Control: Click to kick the ball

R for restart

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