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All admirers of quality shooters are happy to present a browser version of one of the most popular games in this series. Quake and multiplayer survival shooter, in which only one thing is required from players: to kill their rivals and to collect game balls. The winner in this bloody war will be the one who has the most points on his account.

Quake.io, there are many different locations with different tasks. On one of them you will need to lead a siege, on the second – to shoot with rivals from the rocket launchers, and on the third in general – to capture the enemy flag. Armament will also please with its diversity, here you will find many interesting copies of small arms from pistols to grenade launchers. It is always necessary to make decisions quickly, without unnecessary fuss, the gameplay is very dynamic and the slightest carelessness can serve as a way out of the confrontation.

Before the start of the fight in Quake Io, it’s best to take a training course and practice on the bots. To do this, select a trial match and pass a small training. When you are confident in your abilities, immediately go to the online match and start a fight with real enemies. Control: mouse clicks – sight and shooting, ASDW – movement, space – jump, numbers 1-9 – weapon selection.

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