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The game “” – exciting robot battles. Create your own bot and go to the battle arena right now. To play with three-dimensional characters in the three-dimensional world will be much more interesting than with the conventional figures. The struggle for superiority takes place between the members of the four teams. To distinguish the identity of a fighter to a particular grouping can be by color. The main goal is to capture control points. In total there are five on the map, you need to grab as much as possible to dominate the game space.
The game “” is a destructive battle in 3D format. Destroying enemies – you earn bonus points, which can be spent on purchasing useful updates. Damaged parts of your warrior can be repaired in repair shops located at the corners. Control: WASD to move, cursor – direction, left and right mouse buttons – shoot, space – escape, Shift – activate screen, B – store menu, Esc – change sound settings / full-screen mode.

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