Spread the love is a game for real guys: at the same time and cool cars and soccer! Yes, and in good 3D. The main task in Rocketball is to score as many goals as possible in the opponent’s goal, but it’s rather difficult because the ball has a sharp and aggressive character. It is not so easy to deal with it. is a check for excerpt, accuracy, and ability to cope with yourself when once again you can not control the game.

How to play:

During the half time, you need to throw as many balls into the opponent’s goal. The lack of people in Rockletball is replenished by bots. It remains only to hit the ball, which is not very simple due to imperfect server capacity of the game. Simply put, management should be adapted. Drifting in real pleasure: it looks very cool and feels great too. To make a quick breakthrough for a start there is a speed boost that is replenished quite quickly. Rocketball is pleased with the ability to switch the viewpoints to the car and field. It remains to this game a little to gain popularity, to chase the ball with real players!


WASD: to move

Spacebar: to speed up

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