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The game “” is a virtual model of office entertainment. Ordinary items that will be found in any office worker, schoolchild or student will be useful for creating the most complicated obstacle course. It’s such a mini golf or billiards with fighting elements. Each player has at his disposal a ball, which must be brought to the final hole. The main thing is to find the right way and overcome it to the end. You can control the movement with the help of the keyboard arrows, and jump with a space.
The game “” is very unusual and in many respects differs from its predecessors. If you want to experience this novelty, immediately join the gamers from different countries. Move along the control points, such as tables, books, pencils and rulers. On the way, you need to collect gold coins and boxes with weapons. Destroying your competitors, earn extra points that will increase your rating. It’s fun to play and interesting. 3D three-dimensional graphics very realistically recreate the picture of the working surface.

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