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Eat food until you have a score greater than 10,
then get close to an enemy and Click to attack.
Make sure to hold your click down for the best attack.

The highest your score can go is 20,000

If you are able to reach the score limit, you become the
Ghost of the Room !It means you are now invisible to all the other players, unless you are attacking or being attacked (Yes, if you’re in the way
of someone attacking, even when they can’t see you, you get affected and become
A Ghost dies only if another player becomes a Ghost. It cannot die from an attack.
Use the gauges that appear under your score to monitor your new powers (each of them,
when exhausted, needs to reload completely before being used again):
Ghost Attack: You attacks are no longer tied to your score,
but rather reflected here s an exhaustible gauge.
Light Switch (Press “S”) : You can switch off the light in the Room.
You will still see everybody else, but it will be a complete black out for them, as long as you keep the
light off. You get 5 seconds of light off before it needs to refill the feature.
Room Quake (Press Q) **Exclusive to Human Ghosts** : You can shake the
Room when you need/want to. This will cause all the other players (including the Human
players) to shake for as long as you keep it going.

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