Salvage Guns

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Salvage guns is the fruit of the creative unification of several studios. In the end, we got a terrific game with tanks in the lead role and a bunch of different options.

How to play :

The main task in the game Salvage Guns is to become the dominant player on the map. To do this you need to pump in the levels, destroying the tanks of rivals and collecting useful items for which money is given. And here there are several nuances. In the game Trophies, you can play for the Tank or for the Truck. Tank has a lot of health (depending on the platform), and the Truck can collect the barrels for money that appear on the map. You can also put a gun on the truck. Health of the car from this will not increase, but you can quietly defend yourself from the Tanks. For the Truck in Trophies, one of the most valuable places is the upper left corner. There, under the protection of powerful guns, there is a pantry with barrels. It happens that one arriving there only brings 10k money. But the barrels, unlike the trophies left behind after the looted Tanks and Trucks, do not make up for the health. So the main hunt still goes for trophies. In the upper left corner of the Salvage Guns are the ruins of the garage, from which a huge tank comes out. It’s a computer that screws circles around the garage and is very difficult to kill. But for his murder give a lot of money, experience and the ability to unlock the skin for the gun. In the middle of the map lies the railway. The train goes by it. Every shot on the train brings a trophy, but the train defends quite strongly. However, if you consider that the train though defends itself, but your health will replenish for the trophies, then attacking the train can be very profitable. For the money received and if there is a level you can buy more advanced Tanks, Trucks and guns to them.


WASD to move

Click for shooting

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