Spread the love invites us to experience the life of the stalker in its entirety. Here and hunting for useful loot, bypassing security systems in the Search Area and war with other stalkers!
How to play:

The main goal in Stalker is to complete tasks in order to grow in the level. In the process, you will be able to acquire more powerful weapons to fight rivals. The zone of the game is a post-apocalyptic place where you can pumped and act alone, or to make up gangs and control the territory with your clan!
In the upper left corner you see the task: how many objects from the Zone you need to bring in order to hand over these objects to the Purchaser. For the task, you get money (because it sells the goods) and get the level. Levels you need to buy in the store new guns.
The rags that you need to bring are on the Zone in boxes, in piles of rubbish and other objects on the map that you can easily distinguish from parts of the landscape. Destroy the object and collect the fallen loot. Pay attention to your lower right corner: there is a backpack icon. Near the icon number 6 – this means that so many types of objects you can carry in your backpack. If you took an item that you do not need now, right-click on it and you will drop it. To take an object in the Stacker, press E.
When the backpack is full, you do not have to stay in the Zone and you have to hurry Home. In the House you are you safety: here you can not shoot and kill each other. Go to the Buyer and press E to hand over all the items to him. If you do this, you will be given a new level and a new task.
Sometimes in the zone falls gold prize box. It is marked with a special icon on the screen and you need to hurry to it: there is a lot of useful good, including steep cannon. Looks like a box and the box itself:

In the zone of stalkers there are automatic turrets, which beat very hard. To pass them, use the two boosters that you own: Speed ​​and Invisibility. Booster speed is turned on Shift, Invisibility – C. And if you still kill turrets or other players, then you lose all your items, but not money. So buy in the store and run back punish the offender!
WASD for movement
Click to shoot
E to trade and take items
Right click to throw off the item / weapon
R – Reloading

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