Scribble Party

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Scribble Party is a variation on the theme of games in drawing and guessing objects and concepts. Simple and fun, she suggests either enter the room to others, or create a room yourself and call your friends! How to play: The task in Scribble Party is to guess and guess the concepts that the program offers you. There is it so: to the leader the word gets, and it should represent it by means of means of drawing. The leader gets points if he is guessed, and other players get the same points when guessing what the presenter is trying to convey. A distinctive feature of Scribble party is that here you can fill the content with the concepts that you would like to see in this game. To do this, go to the “Add Category” tab – add a category. Then write what you would like here to guess / guess and confirm that you are not a bot. In general, an interesting option. After you click the “Play” button in the Scribble party, you have two options: enter the random room (left button) or create your own (right button). Creating your own, you can choose the categories that will be made up and the number of players maximum for your room. In any case, the game will be wonderful!

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