Spread the love is a battle of magic snakes. It has something in between and and will appeal to all fans of the genre!

How to play :

The main goal in is to score as many points as possible. The rating table is visible in the upper right corner, and there you can see your progress on points and nearest rivals. Just look at the lower left corner – it’s a radar, on which you and opponents are marked. To collect points, you need to eat colored dots scattered around the playing field. But the most points you will get after the destruction of another snake. In, snakes die if they hit their head against the opponent’s torso. Therefore, you need to prune other players, and then collect the remaining mass after their death. The battle with the biggest snakes is very dangerous, but if you overcome them, you can break out into the leaders of the game! Remains only to get used to and keep the championship, because all who see a huge snake will try to kill her. This means that getting out in the Top is only half the task. Keeping the championship and survival as long as possible is the real goal! To fight each other in you only have acceleration. Zazhak click on the mouse you will accelerate. But with this every second you will lose a little mass. In addition, it is dangerous to accelerate when there are many rivals around, because it becomes more difficult to manage and there is a great chance of accidentally crashing and dying. Caution in this game is the key to success!

Snake moves behind the cursor
Click to accelerate

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