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Sky of Dragons and it’s a new game, its distinctive feature is that it’s like a classic game for the mass set, while it’s implemented in a good 3D world.

How to play:

Based on the goal of Heaven of Dragons and get as much experience as possible, to pump out your dragon and gain a foothold in the role of the leader of the game world. Experience can be obtained by destroying rivals or shooting ravens. There are 4 skills available for pumping in Sky of Dragons io: Energy affects maximum mana and regeneration rate and increases damage. Stamina – Increases maximum CP + regeneration HP + Acceleration Time Agility – increases the speed of movement and shooting. Force – increases the range of fire, and also reduces the damage inflicted by the enemy

Control in the Dragon’s Sky

AD for turning

W to accelerate

S for braking

Spacebar for shooting 7-8-9-10 to select the skill for pumping

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