Spread the love is a new io toy created by the Clown Games team (they have for example such a shooter Well, you know the games of this team, it’s loaded for a long time, but the graphics and gameplay seem to be quite good. In general, it turned out a great game about air battles with many opponents from around the world.

How to play: Sky Royal is happy with the simple. All you need is to destroy the rivals, stay alive as long as possible and gain points. The bigger, the better. On the map are scattered various bonuses, like protection, so it makes sense to select them. Despite the simple management, rivals will not come across the simplest. In addition, in SkyRoyale io quite often you can meet mobov.Vypuskayemye missiles are moving along the curve of the trajectory and there is always an opportunity to dodge them. In addition to missiles, there will be special skills in your outfit, it takes time to reload, and you can use it with the right click. In addition, Sky Royale Io offers free skins for all sorts of posts, sharings, etc.

Office in Sky Royale Io

The direction of motion is set by the mouse
With the left click to launch rockets
Right to use special skills

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