Spread the love – a new i-multiplayer, similar to Limax io + Manage the cursor and increase the levels, while pumping ability. Eating is yellow points, and colored pentagons are warehouses with products. In order to go to the next stage, you need to upload a certain number of skills. To achieve quick results will help attack opponents. Attack the other players with sharp movements. Crush another slash can only be so – walk it along and across several times, until the life indicators are reset. The skill icons are on the left on the screen in the form of colored squares and show the state of this or that ability.
Orange – increases the skin, makes it bigger.
Red is life
Green – Attack Power
Blue – allows you to quickly move (the most important parameter)
Pink – the visibility of the screen (distance)
Blue – recharge (with the help of this ability you can often use acceleration)
At the beginning of the game, you must write a name, choose a skin (blue, red, orange or green). Also, pay attention to the buttons, Free-additional control and the next button with it, means sensitivity.
Develop your tactics of the game, become the coolest slash and get into the top ranking!
Mouse – to direct the cursor
Click-to accelerate
QWERAS – Pumping ability

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