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The new multiplayer game “” will please fans and toys. Now you have to fight not only with your rivals but with different monsters. This approach significantly complicates the situation. After all, if you concentrate on other players, then involuntarily you lose the danger that comes from a variety of fools.
At the very beginning, you are attacked by monsters in the form of reddish spines. They arise instantly and seem to smell prey with a sniff. You need to move fast enough not to be destroyed. In this case, your ward needs to collect precious stones scattered over the surface. The accumulated points add experience and give a chance to move to the next level.
The game “” allows you to improve each of the nine available attributes. These are defensive capabilities: maximum health, armor, regeneration. Offensive: damage from the attack, its speed, armor-piercing and special: acceleration, theft of life, struggle.
The blue bar means energy, and the red band means life force. You lose, your energy potential, when you continuously attack, and you can recover under the hour of a little respite. You can play with stronger monsters if you are steeper than your competitors and will move forward. Since this is only a beta version, you should wait for updates in the very near future. We wish to test ourselves in this game. Good luck!

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