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Slither birds is a multiplayer game in which the authors gave a snake from head from Engry Beards. The rules are simple – you need to collect testicles, with which to grow the biggest and strongest.

How to play:

The only challenge in Slither beards is to grow the biggest snake in the game. To do this, you need to collect eggs that appear here and there, and also fight with other players. The fact is that the body of the deceased worm breaks up into components that can be eaten. This method of gaining mass is dangerous, but it helps to grow faster. During a battle with another player, you need to adjust so that he hits his head in your trunk. In turn, you need to protect your head and not crash into others, otherwise your snake will already die. The main tactical tool for confrontation in Slytherds is acceleration. It is necessary to clamp the click to accelerate, but for every second of afterburner you lose a little mass.

Control: Snake moves behind the mouse

Click to accelerate

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