Spread the love is the game ahead of the game. You need not just collect food and become the biggest worm, but also survive in the fight to the last!

How to play: The gaming goal in is to win the fight for survival. The habitat zone of the worms gradually narrows, and if you are caught in the red zone, then you are dead. If there is your tail there, then you can rectify the situation. So you die if you hit your head in the body of another worm. To ensure their survival, you need to collect red points of mass. So your worm will grow bigger and faster. The only booster in the game – acceleration – requires weight points. Therefore, in a critical situation than you have more mass, so, consider, more fuel for accelerated traffic! And the speed in decides the outcome of many battles. Red dots appear on the map by themselves, but most of all they fall out of dead worms. Therefore, you will need to hunt each other until the last surviving worm. The number of survivors is written in the upper right corner. Remember that the more a worm, the more successful it can hunt. For example, he can take the enemy into a ring, from which he can no longer escape. is a merciless and harsh game.


The worm moves behind the cursor
Click to accelerate

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