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Today, we want to introduce a new io n game – “” is an analog of the well known game “”. Here, almost nothing has changed, you will always start the game as a small worm, which will increase its mass with the help of small grains on the playing field and rivals, which it will eat. Here you will not have any bonuses in the form of: a magnet, extra weight and many others. You must increase your size by yourself by collecting colored grains. The main screen will display everything you need to know: the growth of your worm, the place in the top among other players. If you have a powerful computer, you can put yourself a high quality game, in which you will all shine and be sanctified as garlands on the New Year tree. If, your computer does not support high settings and starts to hang, then play on average quality so that everything flies. Be very careful, because other players will do their best to destroy you, to profit by your remains and become the biggest worm in the game. Good luck!

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