Spread the love is similar to children’s favorite fun in hammering gophers hammer back into their mink. Only instead of the ground squirrels are other players who can easily hammer into the mink!

How to play:

The goal in is to earn the most victory points. A set of points is maintained by collecting colored droplets on the field and killing other players. And droplets give dozens of points, while the destruction of rivals adds points to hundreds. The more highly ranked player you score, the more points you get. This is associated with risk, because the more points the player gains, the more his sledgehammer becomes! On the map Smashers and crawling small creatures, which for a few seconds appear from their mink. If they bang a sledgehammer, they will leave behind them colored drops that need to be collected. Dangers of small creatures do not represent. Unlike their older brothers, which you can calculate by a massive earth track. When such huge creatures are preparing to get out of the ground, a warning sign flashes. If the creature appears close to you, you may be knocked out for a few moments. For battle with other players in the Smashers I have a speed booster. The state of its readiness can be seen in the lower right corner. Booster at start-up gives not only speed, but also the volume of your sledgehammer. Due to the volume, you can destroy enemies at a greater distance.

Control: The character moves behind the cursor

Click to beat

Right click to use the booster speed

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