Spread the love – a new, multiplayer game with elements of physics that has no analogues. The plot of the game is simple and accessible, and at the same time original. The main character is a small square smile. The action develops in the arena in a black cage, among many other participants in the game. Initially, each player has equal abilities, but over time everything changes. The purpose of the game: to pump your smiley from gray to bright yellow. For this, it is necessary to start a chemical reaction and how to warm it up. Do not stop – move objects, constantly move and jump around the field, collect various bonuses, in the form of lives, bombs, stars. Destroy rivals less “hot” than you. To do this, you need to jump on them, but be careful – the characters brighter will easily destroy your hero. All these actions will help to pump your smile more quickly – getting from this all the great advantages, heating it as much as possible and getting out into the leaders, becoming the strongest player.
WASD, arrows or mouse – actions

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