Spread the love is a snake in the style of Minecraft. In mechanics, it is similar to Classic snakes io, but there is one nuance that will delight all fans and games. It’s voice acting.

How to play :

The game goal in Snakraft and it’s to score as many points as possible. In parallel with the glasses, your snake also grows. This is both good because with a long body you can easily beat opponents, but also dangerous because you can not pass through your body. So, snakes in the game die when they collide head with any obstacle. Having perished, they break up into points that can be taken. Just for growth, you need to take images of animals. When playing, turn on the sound. After all, when you take an image of an animal, it produces funny sounds. The creators of this game made it so that earning glasses became a super cool process!

Controls: WASD to move

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