Spread the love is a super winter game! You need to drive the entire slope faster than other players to show a real class ski management!

How to play :

The only task in Slalom is to pass the track faster than other players. For this, one simple condition must be fulfilled. You must pass from the right side of the gate and do not crash into rocks and trees. With the gate do not even try to cheat! The direction of the arrows shows you which side you need to go around the gate. These arrows are impossible to go around on the other side. You can assume that they are infinitely going away, blocking the path. In Snow blazers there are no boosters, features or other modifiers that are purchased with experience and playing time. All are in the same conditions and solves only maneuverability, accuracy and firmness in the management of his character.

Control: Move the mouse to the sides to change the direction of the skier

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