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Step New Year’s game “Snowfight. Io” – a great gift for a Christmas tree. Now, you will run through the snow-covered forest and throw all the enemies with snowballs. “Snowfight. Io” is a multi-user browser game that will give you a New Year’s mood at any time of the year, not to mention the eve of Christmas holidays. Before you start the game you need to come up with a nickname and choose a color for your clothes or a mask for your character. Now you can start boldly. A lot of kids will run on the big game map. These cute and harmless kids will be your rivals and ready at any second to throw you snowballs from all sides and turn into a snowman. Therefore, be careful and try to attack first and at the same time avoid enemy snowballs. Above your baby’s head will be an indicator of life. As soon as you see a critical red mark, then run away from the rivals and in a couple of seconds, your health will recover. Then run and track down other players, navigating the map in the right corner of the game. You can throw the children in a queue of small balls, or you can hold down the mouse button and make a big snowball that can cause a decent loss of life for your opponents. Also, you can build defensive barricades of ice blocks, if you hold the mouse a little longer. In this case, opponents will not be able to reach you right away. When you turn an opponent into a snowman, then you need to run a few more snowballs into it and you can earn sweets or toys that will remain after him. Thus, you can pump your baby and take advantage of one of the several bonuses provided. For example, the bunny mask will make you fast, and the crown will increase the damage from your snowballs. Also, sometimes you will stumble upon a big bear. Run away from it or try to switch it to another player, or else he will bite you and you will lose. Good luck!

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