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Space lamb io is a single player game. The lamb flies in space, hoping to return to its home planet, refueling along the way with oxygen, replenishing health from first-aid kits and taking other bonuses. And all would be nothing, if not the flow of meteoritic debris, beating right in the face.

How to play :

As such, the task in Space lamb io is to reach the Earth, collecting as many points as possible on the road. To successfully overcome the path, you also need to replenish the oxygen supply with oxygen cylinders and not crash into meteorites. Scale showing how much more is left until the finish is on the right in the upper corner. Atmospheric, beautiful with a couple of crackers like alcoholic intoxication, Barashka yo will please the eye of the whole, that you need to really sensitively manage the sheep. Additionally, it pleases the ability to control both the mouse and the head with the camera. You can also play from your mobile device. The game remembers your previous result and in fact you compete with yourself in the future, trying to beat the previous record. Good luck!

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