Spread the love is an unusual and super beautiful game for recruiting mass and absorbing each other. Players get an amazing body that can change shape. Moreover, the rules of each other’s absorption are very original and even the pumped player will not always be the winner in the fight with the newcomer.

How to play:

The main goal of Symbols is to gain as much mass as possible. It is collected by absorbing planets and other players. For each new level, you have another new symbol at your disposal, but you have to pay for it: the speed with which you can change them, as the level increases, decreases. The original way in Space Symbols and I made a battle. Players can only absorb each other if they have the same symbols. The levels are not important. But that player wins, who showed his symbol later. For example, if you see an opponent in the form of a square, then, assuming the same shape, you will absorb it because you later took such a form. The greater number of levels gives a certain degree of protection. You can take a form that your opponent does not yet have and you are invulnerable to him. But to pump through only the absorption of the planets is very slow, so you have to take risks, count and go on the attack. The character moves by the mouse, Click or space to change the shape.

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