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In the wake of the popularity of spinners, there was one more game called “SpinBattle.io”. This is a real battlefield where fierce fights are taking place between experienced players and beginners. Here, not only you twist your game speed, but you also compete with competitors. The fight is not a joke. To increase the mass, you will need to kill the enemies. At the same time, each ball will be poured from each opponent, which will add points to you and allow you to increase in size.
And it should be noted that with a single push or strike the enemy will not be able to destroy, and it takes maximum efforts to deal with the enemy. The game “SpinBattle.io” – a fierce battle of turntables, which are very warlike here, and not at all harmless antistress toys. You need to play with the mouse, indicating the direction in which your character moves, and with the left click accelerate.

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