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Spinin.io is, as the name implies, a game about spinners and, as prompted by intuition, in the style of collect – and – grow. Spinin and I are pleased with the possibility of in-game pumping: for the game, for the victories, prize coins are accrued, which you can improve your spinner. Just like a cool car in the garage. Spinin.io will also enjoy gaming mods in numbers and a nimble game engine.

How to play :

The main task in any of Spinin’s mods is to collect colored peas to grow in mass, to kill and to defeat other players. For the latter, it will be necessary to understand how to use accelerating vortices for your own benefit. A separate line should be noted in Spinin.io battle system. Unlike many games with spinners, even a less massive player has a chance of winning. In the collision of the players, colored peas of the mass fall out, which can immediately be reassembled, thus changing the balance of power to one side. There is no such thing as a strong player destroying the weaker with one blow. So kill another player in Spin and I’ll have to sweat. Management:

Spinner moves the mouse

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