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Meet the new multiplayer shooter that will win you unrivaled 3D graphics, thoroughly thought out the plot and long-loved characters. The game “Squadd.io” is made in the style of Mayncraft, so all the characters here and the situation here has a cubic form, in addition, the appearance is reminiscent of the movie heroes. That’s only, instead of wandering around and collecting trophies, you’ll have to shoot, fight, hide from bullets and maneuver behind the barriers.
Since the game “Squadd.io” – has many players, think up a sonorous nickname, enter it into a special field and go out hunting. To move, use the arrows on the keyboard, and for shooting – the left button of the computer mouse. Each enemy you kill is a point on the score sheet. Try to become leaders of confrontation and perpetuate your name in the rating lists.

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