Spread the love is a fun and game where you will have to grab the stars and try to jump on other players to trample them. On the other hand, the main thing is not to be trampled by yourself!

How to play: The main task in Stomped Io is to collect the stars, occupy the Top and stay on top. And hold on top will need to be in the literal sense of the word. The first way to get stars is to collect the ones that are already on the map. The second way – you need to jump on another player, and it will crumble into a lot of stars. So you can not allow someone to land on you from above. Stomped io is an excellent anti-stress game with pleasant design, beautiful stars and smooth gameplay. Good for adults and children. It is noteworthy that the main task to win is to collect stars, the more, the better. And the stars enough without a fight. On the other hand, you can cleanly fight and see how much it brings you closer to the leadership podium. The most reasonable tactic is to collect the stars, if necessary, defending themselves from attack.
Control: The character is controlled by mouse movements.

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