Spread the love is a game in the style of staying alive. Players begin to fight on a very large map, which gradually narrows. The player who survived the last receives the laurels of the winner.

How to play: The only goal in is to survive. The habitat will gradually narrow down, pushing players into each other with their foreheads. We will have to fight each other. To be sure to be the winner in the fight, in the course of the game you need to look for ammunition, weapons and ammunition on the map. To check the actual extent of the habitat, you can click on the magnifying glass icon in the lower left corner of the map or press M or G. The items on the map are scattered: body armor, helmets, backpacks. There are also backpacks that differ in capacity. Instead of a new thing, the old one is thrown away, and to take the object, you need to approach it and press F. Surviv and this game is also about tactical skills. You can hide among trees and boxes, attacking suddenly and swiftly. To attack was more violent, you can use adrenaline pills, which also happen on the map. Such icons allow you to increase the view. To switch the view, you need to scroll the wheel or click on the icon in the upper right corner. Multicolored (yellow, blue, red) squares are ammunition for the pistol, submachine gun and shotgun, respectively. Of the killed enemies, all the objects that they owned fall out. So hunting for others in Survivo is not very profitable. It is better not to wait for you to be found, but to find yourself.


WASD for movement

Beat or shoot at left click Change weapons – 1 or 2

Hide weapons – 3 or E.

Recharge – R.

Take the item – F.

Stop taking medication or adrenaline – X

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