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Sworm.io is an IO game about worms. Everything starts as usual: you have a small worm that crawls behind the mouse cursor, eats glowing lights and grows in length and thickness as it overtakes. If you hold down the left mouse button, the worm accelerates, losing weight. This is all you’ve already seen in Slither.io, Wormax.io, Wormate.io. Therefore, I will soon go to what you have not seen.

First, we have a Spectate-mode (in top snakes / worms for some reason no one does it). Spectate-mode is also very special – you can click on the player’s nickname in the top or game field – and the observation will switch to the selected player.

Secondly, we can adjust the view of the mouse wheel. During the game, the upper bound of the view grows with the number of points, and in Spectate mode, the maximum view is immediately available.

Third, and most importantly – if you hold down the right mouse button, then the worm will start clapping jaws (losing weight even faster than accelerating). In the jaw-jaw mode, the worm will snack other worms (both enemy and its own). Thus, you can have several worms:

In fact, you can have many worms. You can have VERY many worms, and they all creep along the worm algorithm, forming one big mega-worm: that’s all .have a fun time

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