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Tanked.io is a cool mix of Agar.io and diep.io. You have a tank and weapons that can be pumped. Instead of changing the type of tank, you will simply increase in size with each level!

How to play: Establishing a goal in Tanked Io to become the best of the best and enter the history. Choose the color of your tank, enter the name and the battle begins. Tanked.io it’s not even diep.io and more agar.io with guns and pumping. There are three indicators at the top left: health level money First of all, it is advisable to collect some number of color points for money to pump. You can pump (3 levels) weapons (3 levels) skills (for example, a smoke screen). Upgrades in Tanked and I cost money, each subsequent is more expensive. To buy click on the appropriate upgrade. You can also fix the window of upgrades, so that it always remains open. It makes sense to do so. After the destruction of the enemy in its place, there are many points of experience and money, as well as hearts that make up for health. In general, the destruction of opponents is an effective and unsafe way to quickly gain experience and money

Management in Tanked.io

WASD for movement
Left click to shoot

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