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Game Tankr.io – a new multiplayer game in the style of io. Surely, you have already understood that we are talking about tank battles. Players from all over the world can choose one of the nearest servers and join the game. Each player gets on a certain card, on which there are vacant seats. The playing field looks like a honeycomb on a blue background and looks very cool. On the map, there are walls that can serve as protection and shelter for weak tanks. Each player receives a small tank of random color and starts the game. On the map are scattered multicolored points, collecting which you grow in size and gain points to your account. The larger your size, the harder it is to destroy you. Your shots become stronger and larger so that you can easily get into the enemy. It is worth paying attention to the damage to your tank when ramming. Do not overtake other tanks and crash into them, otherwise, you will lose. Tankr.io – has a unique design of maps and tanks, so playing will be very fun. Bump your tank to the largest size and take first place in the leaderboard. Good luck!

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