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what will happen if you combine a tank shooter and defense of the fortress? The game Tanksmith.io will in practice demonstrate the potential of this hybrid war. Here you need to collect resources, create protective facilities for your base, build your own tank. A simple two-dimensional graphics allows you to fully concentrate on building and pumping a combat armored car.

Game Tansksmith.Io begins with the extraction of wood. It will be the basis for the construction of defensive structures. Alchemy also serves as an excellent service for the transformation of wood into iron. With an increase in the level, you can mine gold, diamond, and amethyst. There is an even more powerful secret resource that you can create yourself. At the very beginning, it is necessary to focus on building the base unit, the main tower, the booster and flamethrower installations, the double fortress, the alchemy laboratory, the cannons and other elements for defense and attack.

You can play Tanksmith.io from the browser, both on your computer and on Android and other mobile devices. Controls: WASD or arrows to move. We shoot with the mouse. Point to the target and click the left key. The main goal is to protect your base in order to stay alive. You have to fight with other players in multiplayer mode. Here, all seek to crack down on competitors and climb to the top of the top. To raise the rating, you must use all available means to upgrade your armored car.

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