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Do you want to take part in pirate battles? Then hurry up, the new i game “Tenz.io” is waiting for its pioneers. You can play here as a guest, but then the possibilities will be rather limited, and the registered user, which is much more interesting.
Let’s briefly describe the essence of this game. We have a huge arena of interstellar space and a large selection of pirates. For the guest mode, only one character is available – Croco, which beats on the spot from a powerful cannon. If there is an account, then you can choose from such heroes: Dexter, Mackenzie, Chuck and Rocket. Each of them has its own advantage.
The game “Tenz.io” allows you to invite your friends, from which you can form a real team and organize attacks on the enemy. Shoot with the left mouse button, right turn on the ultra skill. Moving the mouse, change the direction of movement of his ward. Pressing Shift, will provide speed increase.
You can chat with other gamers, which will help coordinate your actions with partners. In space, you can restore health and pick up energy that floats in the form of clots. Earn points and rise in the rating can be from killing your enemies and competitors. But if you are unlucky, and yourself was destroyed, you can after a while be reborn and continue the fight. Fight and win. Use logic and reaction, be the best. Good luck!

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