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Finally there was a long-awaited novelty from Io’s line. The game “Terr.io” will allow you to capture the territories and destroy enemies who have encroached on them. The battle will be brutal. Now you have to deal with the enemy and protect your kingdom, becoming the sole ruler. This is not so simple as it might seem at first glance. While there is enough free space in the arena, you can multiply your land in relative safety, but as soon as other gamers come up, a fierce struggle for survival will begin.
The toy itself is a mixture of slither.io and Splixo, who have long been familiar and loved. You need to circle the game field and paint it in your color. The form of your possessions can be very different, depending on the considered tactics. Due to the fact that the game “Terr.io” is multi-user, it is necessary to think and make decisions promptly. Opponent also does not sleep. Everyone wants to win this fight, capturing more land and destroying the enemy. Once the enemy triangle is on your site, try to get as close to him and kill him.
Of course, it’s better and more interesting to organize your own clans and together to wet the scattered fighters, but one is also a warrior. If you are a risky guy and not a coward, then no one will stop, even if your foe is on the other side of the globe. Fight desperately, and show me what you can do. Good luck and new victories!

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