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tinyplanes.io is a very sweet and at the same time a serious fight in the sky. The cars here are our favorite paragliders, and frankly, these are the best machines for aerial combat!

How to play :

A combat mission in Paragliders and this is to win the battle. The game offers a variety of the most popular mods: FFA, Team, CTF, Battle to the last, and Ship Defense. The latter mode differs from others particularly strongly. Here one player acts as the protector of the aircraft carrier and shoots the cannon on the aircraft, and the goal of the other players is to bomb this very aircraft carrier. Entering the game, you get to the lobby, where you can choose the server to your taste. If there is not one, then you can create it yourself with the conditions you want. You can even password to play Tinyplanes io only with those you want. And if you register in the system, you can create even levels, upload them to the site and play! In Paragliders, there are three combat planes available and each has its own unique skill. The skill for the Q button is activated. Light Fighter can return in time a couple of seconds ago. Heavy Fighter creates radiation, hitting under which the opponents lose control of the paraglider for a while. Support creates a shield for a couple of seconds around itself and ALL of its allies. From the fall on the rocks this, however, does not save. about the rocks in Tinyplanes io is very interesting. They can crash and crash, but you can sit down carefully! And then go on them, as on the runway. This is another unique feature of this game. Even on the fly you can use rocks to wrap; the only condition, you need to treat them carefully. A little sharper angle and you have already crashed.


Arrow keys for movement
Space for shooting
S to throw a bomb
Q to use special skills

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