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Today there is a battle for gold coins. The game “Totil.Space” sends bold and brave knights to the battlefield. Chose your character and vehicle. Funny and funny to saddle a yellow or green pig, and then, armed with a spear, go out into the arena. The main task is to collect money and carry them to the bank. For this, you can get prize balls for which to pump your weapons.
The mini-map is placed on the upper left, and helps to track the location of not only your hero, but also rivals. At enemies it is possible to select the extracted riches, to put lethal blows better from a running in a side or from a back. Then the damage dealt will be maximum. All fighters move very quickly in the direction given by the mouse, and to kill the enemy, you have to click the left button twice.
The game “Totil.Space” is multi-user, which allows you to measure your strength with players from different countries and continents. It’s not so easy to play, until you figure out the basic rules and learn how to master your pike. Fight for gold will have with many other warriors who also want to raise their rating.

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